MusikFaktur – free music school and creative space in Cologne

In my teachings I share my experiences as musician, pianist and composer.
I support you to unfold your own musical expression.

Piano lessons, cajon and drum lessons in Cologne

MusikFaktur offers piano lessons for people of all ages.

Beginners, advanced learners, university candidates and professionals, everyone is warmly welcome.

In addition teachings in rhythm, cajon and drums are given for beginners and advanced learners.

In cooperation with various musicians and teachers from the local music scene, your favourite instrumental lesson can be arranged as well.

In my teachings I concentrate on the individual needs of each student, the knowledge transfer of techniques, playing and practicing together.

On occasion concert afternoons will be organized. This open space can help students to gain experiences in performing and playing. Individual repertoire can be shared and presented, in particular playing music together, singing and improvisation take place.

Jazz, Classic, Blues & Boogie-Woogie, Contemporary Music, Pop, Rock and the various music styles are welcome at MusikFaktur

Some key elements of my teaching:

  • learning to read music and sight-reading
  • playing without sheets
  • rhythms and harmonics
  • ear training
  • transcribing
  • compositional technique
  • improvisation and intuitive playing
  • developing and working with your repertoire
  • preparation and coaching for exams and concerts
  • guidance for song and choir accompaniment and ensemble playing

Online teaching

In the event one of us isn’t on site, we can connect from afar. I offer online lessons and coaching via Skype or Zoom.

Prices piano, cajon and drum lessonscht

Single lesson

60 minutes

60 €

one-off payment
flexible arraggement

5 lessons

45 minutes

235 €

one-off payment
valid for 6 months

10 lessons

45 minutes

450 €

one-off payment
valid for 12 months

Trial lesson

45 minutes

35 €

one-off payment
getting in contact
  • Upon individual arrangement home visits, double hours, group or band teachings are possible. 
  • Further arrangements:
    • The lessons scheduled can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance, and rescheduled only once afterwards.
    • Canceled lessons within the 48 hours will be charged with a cancellation fee of 50%.
    • Canceled lessons within 12 hours will be charged at 100%.

Renting space in Cologne for seminars, yoga, workshops, teachings and rehearsals

The rooms at MusikFaktur in Cologne can be rented and shared by the hour or by the day for running courses and projects.

All rooms have natural light and the wood strip flooring provides a good grounding and comforting atmosphere. A tea kitchen and a lavatory are available.

1. The big atelier room (30m2) accommodates up to 8 yoga participants, for seminars and workshops up to 18 seats.

The atelier, yoga & seminar room costs
22,- €/h  140,- €/day

2. The piano and music room (20m2) shows to the courtyard. A Yamaha – grand piano (170cm) in very good condition is available. The good room acoustics allows for example small group rehearsals, „chamber music“ projects or workshops.

With prior arrangement the room can also be used for piano recordings.

The music room including the grand piano costs
18,- €/h  110,- €/day

3.The small rehearsal and drum set room (8m2) is soundproof and allows teachings with louder or amplified instruments.

The music room including the grand piano costs
18,- €/h  110,- €/day


In early-school years I got in contact with the flute. The instrument helped me to access the world of music, playing tunes and I enjoyed some years of teaching.

At the age of 14 I started to play piano and keyboard, that have always been attracting me. At first in an autodidactic approach and later on with different teachers and musicians at my side I learned and experienced the keyboard instrument. I was lucky to study jazz-piano under Frank Giebels in the Netherlands and in 2004 I completed my first academic study at Conservatorium Maastricht with a bachelors degree. As minor subject I studied classical-piano.

In 2008 I successfully completed my second academic study at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen with a diploma. I experienced the teachings of Peter Walter as supportive and stimulating a free spirit and I got to play the piano in a new and different way. As minor subject I studied jazz-drums. The several years of practice as pianist and composer lead me to grow into an experienced and versatile musician.

Going on diverse travels for concerts and projects nationally and internationally encouraged me to follow the musical path further and further. I was inspired to initiate and work with my jazz-trio, composing, touring and releasing two albums (Marcel Tusch Trio „Somewhere Else“ 2009 and „F-Moll“ 2014). Another step was to develop playing, writing and recording solo piano pieces and albums („Umbrian Arrangements“ 2012 with the associated music book and „Gewünscht“ 2016).

Purchasing music

Sheet music and CD’s may be ordered by E-Mail or are available on common internet-platforms:

Since 2002 already I am active as a free-lancing musician and piano teacher in Cologne.

The various experiences I made during the lessons with my students were often highly enriching – emerging ideas with regards to form and concepts of my teaching often found their way back into my lessons. 

The idea to create a music school and atelier came up once in a while during the last years. Finally I realized this project in late summer 2016 after suitable rooms were found.

In this spirit MusikFaktur holds space for creative encounters.

The field has already been enriched by regular yoga classes, yoga trainings, schamanic trainings and seminars, therapeutic sessions, vocal workshops, dancing classes, live concerts, mantra yoga, rehearsals, studio recordings and lots of music lessons.


Histoire d’amour

featuring Asta Mamikonyan & Marcel Tusch

J.S. Bach Sinfonia No.1 in C-Major

Practicing Cembalo at Atelier Burghard Zander


recording session@Schoke (2022)

Bach Invention No. 11 (g-moll)

recording session@MusikFaktur (2021)


live@loft cologne (2015)

Die Studiosession

zum Album Gewünscht, feat. Matthias Kaufmann

Three pieces for violin and piano

feat. Asta Mamikonyan (2023)

Three pieces for violin and piano

It’s All There

Single release (2023)

It’s All There by Marcel Tusch


Single release (2023)

Minkus by Marcel Tusch


Single release (2023)

Wildflower by Marcel Tusch


Piano Solo (2016)

Gewünscht – Piano Solo II by Marcel Tusch


Marcel Tusch Trio (2014)

F-Moll / Marcel Tusch Trio by Marcel Tusch

Umbrian Arrangements

Piano Solo (2012)

Umbrian Arrangements – Piano Solo by Marcel Tusch

Somewhere Else

Marcel Tusch Trio (2009)

Somewhere Else / Marcel Tusch Trio by Marcel Tusch

Notenbuch: Umbrian Arrangements

Fourteen Original Piano Sheets

Buy the book

Mittelschwere bis anspruchsvolle Kompositionen deren Ursprünge im zeitgenössischen-, und traditionellem Jazz, sowie in der klassischen Musik, zu finden sind.

Piano News (Heft 5/ 2014) schrieb dazu… Ende 2012 veröffentlichte der in Köln lebende Jazz-Pianist Marcel Tusch sein Klavier-Solo-Album Umbrian Arrangements, zu dem er nun auch die Noten nachgereicht hat: 14 sehr verschiedene Klavierstücke im traditionellen Jazzstil, bei dem man das Vorbild Bill Evans gut heraushören kann. Dazu passt auch die softe, melancholische Stimmung, die über der Musik liegt. Bei Peaceful Relation scheint Tusch auch Satie über die Schulter geschaut zu haben. Die Stücke sind reich an interessanten Harmonien, klangschön und nicht immer ganz leicht zu spielen. Erfahrung mit Jazz-Musik ist zwingende Voraussetzung. Notfalls kann man sich auf der CD anhören, wie es richtig klingen soll.


Am Freitag den 12. Mai erscheint das Album *Three pieces for violin and piano* und kann über die gängigen Streaming Plattformen wie Spotify etc., angehört werden.

Click here to listen to the music!

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How to get here

MusikFaktur is close to public transport station Bonner Wall (line 17) and within a 5 minute walk from station Chlodwigplatz (lines 15 and 16).